Passionate about food!

We are a friendly, knowledgeable team who is committed to providing local people with beautiful food and high-quality, delicious ingredients.

Everything found on the menu is made using aromatic Indian herbs and spices, with weekly rotation of specials. Take the bite of hunger with mince and pea stuffed samosas.

We love what we do and are always happy to hear people's ideas for new dishes, help them to create the recipes they want and to share our knowledge and love of good food. Obliging, reasonably priced and always prepared to go the extra mile, we are the store of choice for local Asian and Indian families who want to cook family recipes with the right ingredients, as well as anyone else with an interest in, or love of, Asian, Indian or Japanese food.

Please get in touch to find out more about us and our extensive product range; or pop in to enjoy an Indian snack or tempting Asian dessert!.

Welcome to SI’s.

Dishes from across India, Asia and Japan

The recipes we've selected for our takeaway menu span a continent! We have listened to our customers, taking their particular tastes and preferences into account in our menu selection. This means that we offer a range of old favourites, along with new, innovative options that add interest and variation to the usual traditional range of Indian takeaway dishes. We love to cook! As well as doing everything we can to ensure you end up with the very best food we can provide, we are also constantly looking for new options, recipes and influences in order to enhance your dining experience. If you can't see what you like on our menu, just ask and we will be happy to try and prepare it for you if possible.

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Check out our selection of Indian grocery options

At our store you can buy anything from fresh herbs and vegetables through to tamarind, chillies, dried fish, ghee and more. We also stock Indian sweets, cakes and treats, as well as snacks and staples. If you can't see exactly what you're looking for, just let us know and we will try to source it for you. We have an excellent knowledge of the type of ingredients our customers need to complete their cooking properly. Our store stocks the niche products that you just can't get in the supermarket or in more mainstream retail facilities. We re-order regularly and are meticulous in our approach to quality - our aim is always to give our customers the very best products we can at a surprisingly affordable price.

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Amazing menu for our Indian takeaway

We have a number of standard dishes, along with a smaller selection of specials which vary from week to week. This allows our customers plenty of variety in their dining, as there is always something new to try. Why not enjoy one of our fast fill-ups, such as curry 'n' rice, curry 'n' chips, tandoori chicken, or delicious samosas? Whether you want a full meal, or simply a snack when you're out and about on the go, we have something suitable and quickly available when you need it most. Why not select some Indian sweets or one of our other desserts for an indulgent treat? Not only does our food taste amazing, but it's also made with fresh, wholesome ingredients, ensuring you enjoy a nutritious dining experience.

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Cook and dine when you shop with us

If you find our food inspirational, why not recreate it at home? One of the major advantages of getting your groceries from us is that you can shop our selection to get everything needed to make your own samosas or curries. We are always happy to advise on the right spices or ingredients to get the end result you're looking for. We are passionate about food and are always delighted to share recipes or ideas with our customers in order to ensure they get the very best from their time with us. If you've found a recipe you've enjoyed elsewhere, or have seen one online or in a book which you wish to recreate, tell us about it and we will usually be able to work out what you need from our store to recreate it perfectly.